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Yoga, Embodiment & Meditation | Ayurveda



Return to your own true nature...

It is my greatest wish to support you on your own journey of transformation, towards experiencing wholeness and to remember your belonging. I hold space for holistic mind and body experiences and connection.

I am a yoga, meditation & embodiment facilitator, Ayurvedic health advisor and Ayurvedic chef.



Cultivating the Ecstatic Body – A Contemplative Teacher Training and Retreat
September 10-15, 2024 – Shambala Gatherings, Sweden
 The Gentle Way – Muße & Meer | Retreat mit Sabina Ahmetspahic & Omkara 
held in German
27.11.-01.12.2024 – Holthof an der Ostsee, Germany

The more deeply you come into felt relationship with the world, the more deeply you discover who you are as a process, an unfolding.

– Philip Shepherd

Yoga & Somatic Movement
Meditation & Mindfulness

I have developed a holistic approach that aims to create an inner balance through embodied movement and somatic awareness. Both yin and yang (stillness and movement) are essential to me in order to create a healthy balance.

I aim to share yoga in a non-dogmatic way in order to build a bridge between the traditional roots of yoga and modern lifestyles. In this setting, yoga & movement become a practice of self inquiry. 

Meditation and mindfulness can offer a sense of reconnection and presence. They offer a home-coming to ourselves and returning to the present moment with (self-) awareness and compassion.

My approach to meditation is gentle and includes the body's wisdom as a guide and portal.

Ayurvedic Chef & Health Advisor

I offer Ayurvedic caterings, group programs and individual consultations.

Ayurveda provides a holistic framework for promoting health, preventing diseases, and supporting overall well-being. This ancient medicine system regards all aspects of life and looks at root causes for imbalances instead of just treating the symptoms.

In my work with Ayurveda, I focus on reestablishing a connection to nature and guide you to find your way back to a healthy balance. 


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