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Hi there, I'm Alena.

Far away countries and foreign cultures pulled my attention at a very young age. Through traveling and surfing I first got in touch with yoga and its benefits. Rather coincidentally - it quickly became a daily practice.


It was the beginning of a journey inwards, to myself and at the same time to a sense of inner freedom. This feeling is what kept me dive deeper into the studies of yoga and keeps drawing be back to the holistic and infinite source.

Due to my travels I came across various teachers, traditions and philosophies as well as the Vipassana meditation and the science of Ayurveda. During my training as a yoga teacher I learned to develop my own "language" that combines traditional concepts with modern western approaches, such as Buddhist psychology and neurophysiology. Within the last couple of years I have been drawn to embodied Yin practices which are often neglected in our fast-paced world.

I am aiming to create a bridge between ancient knowledge and traditions and modern lifestyles.


It is my greates wish that we as a society, especially in the west, get back in touch with our roots, with nature and its cycles but equally to the people around us. To practice presence and compassion and to accept changes as they come and go.

Ayurveda reminds me again and again that we are part of nature and that we are inevitably influenced by it. It offers us opportunities to reflect on our habits and serves as a source to find remedies for individual or collective imbalances.

Through different trainings and studies around yoga, meditation, mindfulness and Ayurveda I have experienced a lot of personal growth and change.

I'm infinitely grateful for the support and knowledge I received from teachers and mentors along the way. 

We're all just walking each other home.

– Ram Dass

Trainings & Teachings

Yoga, Meditation & Embodiment

  • The Power of Awareness - Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield, Sounds True, Online

  • Bhakti Bash – Inner Flow Yoga

  • Meditation Teacher Training  – Inner Flow Yoga

  • Whole Body Breath – The Embodied Present Process (Allyson Woodrooffe), Online

  • Yin Yoga Foundation Training – Liina Tael & Valerie Hartwich, Berlin

  • The Majesty of Being – Meghan Currie, Lisbon

  • Mindful Assisting – Tatjana Mesar / Zen Yoga by Dynamic Mindfulness, Berlin

  • Yoga Teacher Training – Uli Schuchart / Inner Flow Yoga, Hamburg


  • Ayurvedic Health Advisor – Hale Pule, Online (iA)

  • Simple Ayurvedic Cooking - Hale Pule

  • Ayurveda For Women – Rolling Tiger, Berlin

  • Ayurveda Medicine Basic Course – Dr. Devendra Prasad Mishra, Bad Meinberg, Germany

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