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Yoga & Somatics

Since discovering yoga, I have lived in different places around the world and have been inspired by numerous teachings and traditions. Through various yoga teacher trainings as well as my own practice, I have developed a holistic approach that aims to create balance both in the physical body as well as in the subtle bodies. I aim to support your individual needs and create space for you to meet yourself exactly where you are.

After studying different traditions I have found that simple down-to-earth practices combined with modern techniques and knowledge around movement and the nervous system works best for me. 

I truly believe that it needs both stillness and ecstasy, both the yin and the yang, to find balance. It is a neverending process to find sattva in between both, to surrender to the moment and find acceptance with what is.

Embodied Movement & Flow

My active movement practices combine breath, movement and moments of stillness. These activating practices are designed to stimulate and move energy. There's a focus on inner and outer alignment.
I aim to offer a container to safely explore your edge without pushing or pulling. The foundation of this practice is to first create safety in the body and find your center in order to move with what's present within you.

Yin Yoga

This very slow and rather passive yoga style is welcoming softness and receptivity. The postures are seated or lying down and are held for several minutes while the body is supported by props to offer a deeper relaxation. There is no goal here, no right and wrong.

On a physical level, Yin yoga stimulates the fascial tissue and supports the flow of energy (Qi) in the body.
Yin Yoga is an invitation to soften - an invitation to open up and permission to let go.

An invitation to dive deeper and be fully present with yourself.


Alena's voice is a gift, and has an incredible ability to bring you straight into the space, focusing on your breath and your practice. Classes are a good mix of challenge and relaxation/yin at the end. Such a good combination.

I tried Yin with Alena for the first time, through which I discovered a more gentle approach to yoga. I felt supported by her loving presence, as she guides you back to peace with the help of her soothing voice.

I felt enveloped in a blanket of love and deeply relaxed after the session.

Alena's well prepared classes, her calm presence and soothing voice allow my nervous system and entire being to relax and rest deeply. Every subtle aspect of her classes emanates the quality of Yin.




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